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Please write your character name if you are on PC Platform, Epic ID on Xbox One/PS4. If you don't get a friend request within 30 mins. maybe your Epic ID Or character name is incorrect, please contact our 24/7 LiveChat on the right corner of our website
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Trade Fortnite Save the World items is a straightforward process. 
1. Accept our friend request ingame, then we will group you and create a map.
2. We throw down Fortnite items, and you pick it up.
In Fortnite the following items can be Trade: Weapons, Traps, Crafting materials
The following items cannot be traded: V-bucks, Schematics, Heroes, Survivors, Defenders, XP, Founder's Coins, Loot Llamas
ALL4GM With Fortnite Items
The best place to find cheap Fortnite Items is ALL4GM. The ALL4GM Safe system protects sensitive data from phishing, while the Service System ensures that our Service is best. It provides a place of feedback to make certain the quality of service. With these two systems in place, you’ll have peace of mind when trading. Besides, our Live chat is available to help 24/7.
We understand that after hours of analysis you are going to handle to find a seller that is undoubtedly somehow a little bit more affordable. But is it worth it? Even though there are a lot of competitors that sell Fortnite Save the World Items, Weapons, Materials and Traps, a couple of them provide their customers with clear and transparent information. When purchasing from ALL4GM, we guarantee that 100% of the Fortnite Items are from true experienced Fortnite gamers that earn the Items themselves.
About Fortnite Items
Fortnite Items include healing, shield, potion and trap items available in the game. As you make your way up the ranks of Fortnite's Save the World mode, you'll quickly become familiar with the different weapons, trapsand various materials you have at your disposal to react to your enemies. 
ALL4GM lists every item you can buy here, all the items could enhance your character in the game. Need to explain, All items that can be purchased come from handmade crafting, so you can enjoy safe products and shopping here!
About Fortnite
Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.
In Fortnite, players team up to build massive forts and battle against hordes of monsters, all while crafting and looting within giant worlds where no two games are ever the same.
While the Battle Royale portion of the game is free-to-play, the PvE aspects (known as Save the World) are not. Early Access for paying players was made available on July 25, 2017. Fortnite is for for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, PC, and Mac; Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch are available for Battle Royale only.
In Fortnite, players protect an object and build a fort around it. There are four heroes: constructor, ninja , outlander and soldier. There is also a leveling system, weapons, armor, traps, llamas (lootboxes), and abilities. Players can play online, where there are three categories of participation: solo, duo, and squad.
Heroes: Recruit and train soldiers, ninjas, constructors, and outlanders to take on the monster hordes. For the most dangerous missions, players can assign their toughest characters to Squads.
Crafting: Players can use resources to craft weapons like homemade sniper rifles, hydraulic mining axes, and launch pads to send monsters flying. As heroes move up the skill tree, they can unlock schematics for wilder weapons.
Design: The building system allows players to create extravagant forts while juggling combat. Monsters can be lured into traps that use poison darts, metal spikes and sentry guns.
Friends: The game has seamless drop-in and drop-out co-op and procedurally generated maps.
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90.9% Orders completed less than 30 mins, 5.9% orders completed 30~2hours, 2.8% orders more than 2hours and 0.3% order are refund money.
Mistakes come about, and we have an understanding of that, so we give Refund to any order before delivery. We have a hassle-free approach for refunds guaranteeing your Delivery or your revenue back. You do not need to have to be concerned about it when acquiring Fortnite Items at ALL4GM.
The safety of your Fortnite account is what we take seriously, we’ll do whatever we can to make sure all transactions are being smoothly performed. In the very rare case that your account is suspended or your Fortnite Items, Weapons are confiscated because of a transaction with ALL4GM, once the involvement of ALL4GM is confirmed, a full compensation will be given to you: A re-delivery of Fortnite Items or a full refund.
Our Price Superiority
We adjust Fortnite Items prices based on industry circumstances, so you realize that you are buying Fortnite Save the World Items and Weapons for the least expensive value that comes together with the very best consumer service. We supply approaches to add discounts to your order for as much as 15% off. 
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